Queering Contact

Vidàlia , Barcelona

The event has been postponed until further notice

Touch&Play focuses on somatic practices – specifically contact improvisation – and conscious intimacy, including various degrees of sensuality and sexuality. The festival also incorporates several forms of artistic, relational, and ecological expression that help us reconnect with ourselves, with each other, and with the more-than-human world, such as tantra, authentic relating, Non-Violent Communication, BDSM as well as ritualistic and theatrical experiences.
We are an inclusive and loving community of artists, explorers, movers, dancers, and kinskters who work towards the creation of a new culture of intimacy – one that is free from loneliness and fear, free from violence and abuse, free from judgment and shame, free from lies and repressed desires.


Originally meaning “odd” and “peculiar”, the word queer became a common term for gay men in the early 20th century and has been used to refer to the wider LGBTQIA+ community since the 1980s. This gathering reflects and reaffirms our commitment to exploring human movement and embodied relationships whilst being aware of hegemonic power dynamics and systemic oppression. We welcome and celebrate the diversity of races, gender identities, sexual orientations, and socio-cultural backgrounds as well as all consensual forms of play and human interaction.
This T&P a partially self-managed gathering. Morning classes will be taught by teachers from the T&P community and afternoons will be open for lab time and for community offerings. Everyone will be invited to contribute to co-create the gathering, be it by helping in the kitchen or offering a workshop.

Registrations is open now


The Touch&Play Project has been offering safer and more inclusive spaces to explore movement and intimacy for over a decade.
T&P festivals and gatherings have been taking place in half a dozen counties on three continents.
T&P emerged from an investigation into the chemistry then later the edges of contact improvisation. Whilst remaining true to these original intentions, it now integrates various other transformational and body-positive disciplines as well as verbal and non-verbal communication tools that nurture authentic expression and holistic connection.
T&P continues to evolve as new people bring their energy and creativity to our community. We move through the cycles of the human experience with hope and resilience seeking to infuse more playfulness into life and more flow into love.

CI, Somatics & Dance

Nature, Conscious Sexuality & Spirituality

Boundaries, Consent & Power

Tribe, Inclusivity & Sustainable Living