To make this journey as rich and safe as possible, we will start the festival with ensuring a common ground through a full day of consent work and Contact Improvisation technique. Once we feel more grounded and connected we invite you to dive deeper and into more experimental forms of connection. Throughout the week we will offer participants material and experiences that help cultivate a more conscious self, a more profound connection to nature and more authentic and compassionate relations.

During the week there are many different formal and informal proposals.

When you do the registration you can choose one between three intensive workshops. The intensive is a close content that gives an opportunity to deepen the work and cultivate complicity with the folks throughout the week.

In the afternoon there are single classes and you can choose in the moment /on the spot what attracts you most..

In the evening there are different open proposals and introductions to open spaces such as Jams, Play Spaces and the Dungeon.

Single classes


Descended from fools, jesters, and other types of clown, the bouffon is a grotesque, ugly, vulgar, lascivious, monstrously deformed and potentially repulsive creature. Provocative and transgressive by nature, the bouffon does the unmentionable, says the unsayable, and pays no heed to the rules of prudery. It is often said that we laugh at the clown whereas the bouffon laughs at us. The bouffon believes in nothing and mock everything and everyone. Violating all norms and taboos, they have no opinions or values. Rather, they thrive on ridicule, sarcasm, satire, and sometimes sheer madness. With ecstasy and jubilation, they reveal the dark side of society and repressed facets of humanity.

Anarcho-Poesis: Performing Life

Drawing on Systemic Constellations, Psychodrama, and Participatory Theatre, we shall seek to enter a subspace at the intersection of introspection and performance, of the self-aware and the unconscious, and of the physical and the intangible. Using breathwork, free movement, and the spoken word, our intention is to partake in the subtle unfolding of a stripped-down and ever-changing present, thus becoming the witnesses and cocreators of bare life.


Swan Alyon

Swan is a shapeshifting artist and researcher in service of the creation of a new culture of intimacy and of ferality. They hold graduate degrees in philosophy, theology, and political science, certificates in yoga, tantra, and human permaculture, and also trained in physical theatre. They open spaces of empowerment in which to find greater creativity, connection, and joie de vivre, thereby revealing the beauty of our shared human animality. They curate and facilitate events in Europe and in the Americas such as Mystical Eros, La Rencontre des REVES, or Durga’s Tiger School YTT. They are one of the co-organizers of Touch&Play Barcelona.

Blind Date

A journey into meeting strangers, stories collide and intertwine.
We remain curious, towards the stories embedded in our bodies, towards the sensibility of skin, of moving mass, of bone structures, of emotional states, and states of availability. Contact improvisation and release technique offers a way in, to move together, to communicate, to be here now. This dance is not complicated, and there is no desired outcome.

In BLIND DATE we give in to the perpetual re-discovery of body and presence, how to play with the world.
This intensive opens up for realms of physicality and improvisation, within the safe boundaries of a dance floor or a site specific location, including breath, voice, humor and poetry.
Be ready to dance, to be entertained and entangled.

Pipaluk Supernova

Pipaluk, choreographer, artist, musician. Pipaluk directs international dance productions and art events, she works as choreographer, teacher, performing artist and independent producer. Her projects include site specific dance and large scale performance installations, merging dance, interactive art and audience participation.

Colours of Intimacy

In this Workshop I would like us to look back to the origins of CI. Until today we find within this non trademarked and unspecified dance form the common conception that eroticism and sexuality do not belong in the jam space.
But how do we navigate the rush of the hormones, if we are sure that the dance space and/or our dance partner is not inviting the famous “chemistry” in the dance?
How can we find words to speak about the subtle atmosphere of eros if it is something that we did not invite and just want to dance?
How can our bodies serve us as antennas and an inner compass for the walk outside of our comfort zones?
Within basic and classical CI exercises we will step into different scenarios and find tools to train our perception, movement skills and verbal vocabulary to explore the blurry space between dance and eros.  CI and dance focused, subtle eroticism, discourse


Intensity management – pathways into the now

We spend some precious time together. Within that timeframe I want to plant some seeds that will grow in different directions, depending from which angle each one of us illuminates them. During the past years in my movement research I found a lot inspiring material. Some of it made me wonder, shiver, ecstatic, excited and feel very rich. I believe that every pleasure has it´s unique timing. There might be ways of moving together that we find joyful right now but a big turn off if we try it again tomorrow or with another partner. During our class I will suggest bodywork and Contact Improvisation material that connect the world of dance and erotic playgrounds. Within a clear suggestion I will always offer a range of pathways to tryout different intensity and intention. So we can always decide how far we want to go in between pure CI dance, erotic and BDSMish play. I encourage us to stay curious. What do I actually enjoy – right now? Can I find pleasure in a place I did not expect? Be prepared to play with your comfort zones. Be ready to say Yes and No. Be ready to explore what you want – right now. > more daring, intensity play, CI, bodywork into dancing

Katya Dikowa

My journey through researching on movement, body-mind alignment, music and art is inspiring me every day. Nourishing connections, creating spaces, moving others and being moved are my main focus right now. Since many years of Dance and Contact Improvisation practice I am curious to witness and create body qualities and inner states. Identifying as a non binary person I am on a pathway to learn and integrate. Our bodies, words and decisions have the power to form reality in a new way, hopefully in a way that is more whole. I believe that opening up and let some light shine on our dark aspects has the potential to deep healing. Let´s open our eyes to see the bridges that are already build for us and walk on the other side. In trust and ease. Together. In tenderness.

The wisdom of the anus: Presence, relaxation, and pleasure for all genders.

I shall share knowledge and know-how about the anus (anatomy of relaxation and of pleasure, welcoming sensations, external and internal anal massage). I offer a safe container: my priority is that you feel welcome as you are. The workshop will be a solo exploration. Partial nudity is allowed but in no way required. The invitation is to explore and integrate this denied, ridiculed, or taboo body part often associated with shame, awkwardness, and prohibition in a light-hearted yet deep and loving manner. As Chester Mainard, a mischievous and expert anal masseuse, once said: “Open your ass and your heat and mind will follow.


Thomas Rocourt

I am a coach, somatic educator, and movement facilitator passionate about all practices that revitalize and bring joy and greater presence. My fields of expertise are: dance, yoga, consent, meditation, breathwork, NVC, and rituals.

Queering Domination: A FLINTA*-Playground

Any kind of sexual encounter is a negotiation of power. BDSM can offer tools to make this power exchange explicit and tangible. Yet, as we all carry parts of the systems of power within ourselves, it is at the same time a site where social structures of domination are being reproduced. Often we witness cis-men embracing dominant roles with more ease, whereas people identifying, being read or socialised as women for some part of their lives tend to end up in submissive roles. Also racial power dynamics are often unawarely enacted but rarely named or politicised, especially by white people.

Positioning us as queer, white persons, we (Stella Rutkat and me) want to offer a critical as well as safer space exclusively for FLINTA*-persons where to playfully explore domination against and beyond the normative imaginary.

We encourage the participants to investigate what power means to them individually while considering the links to the larger collective and social picture in which our desires (e)merge. They will be guided from clearly structured tasks into an open playground charged with potentiality. From there on safety, consent, and pleasure take over as our compass on this field-trip towards the utopian horizon.


The Politics of Pleasure – A Forum for speaking our truths and to practice listening

Many of us are here because we feel a sense of longing that the societies we live in fail to satisfy –for community, connection, or experiencing our full erotic selves. This need grows from a society saturated by systems of oppression and supremacy which socialise us to believe that only scarcity exists. This festival as much as everyone of us is not free from these forces that render us unwhole. Acknowledging that access to safety, comfort, and pleasure is not distributed evenly here as elsewhere, I would like to invite a conversation about how these dynamics play out on site.

The aim is to encourage differently marginalised folks to speak on the topic of diversity and inclusion, coming from a personal perspective on how we experience the scene. More privileged participants are warmly invited and asked to be extremely mindful of not taking too much space.

This conversation will tap into the discomfort that comes from acknowledging injustices and our complicity in it. Yet, I believe that it is only in an honest and open engagement therewith that we will be able to eventually re-claim our whole, happy and satisfiable selves and move towards better pleasures and futures.

Pauli*ne Sprang

Our bodies and hearts are the most intimate arenas of power struggles, I believe. As an academic in queer studies and a pleasure activist, I am deeply invested in dreaming and enacting better modes of relating to one another. As facilitator and political organiser, I hold the importance of intimate, body centred transformation as key to healing and justice. I believe in transformative justice – the need to responding holistically to and intervening on systems of violence, and to develop collective practices that can impact and transform the consequences of oppression on our bodies, hearts and minds. The approaches I work with understand human beings accordingly as interconnected, complex wholes and encompass non-violent, joyful, and queer-feminist methods.

Music & Singing

Pipaluk Supernova

Pipaluk, choreographer, artist, musician. Pipaluk directs international dance productions and art events, she works as choreographer, teacher, performing artist and independent producer. Her projects include site specific dance and large scale performance installations, merging dance, interactive art and audience participation.

Sara Calderón Quiñones

I was born in the south of Spain, Cáceres, but grown in Galicia, a place where I belong. I´ve always felt part of the world of arts, mostly involved with music, dance and the artistic representation of reality, reason why I graduated from Media, developing a special interest in photography and video.

The connection with nature, the holistic philosophy, the community and human relationships shape my life and work day to day. That´s why I enjoy being able to capture magical moments in spaces where people reunite to cultivate their spirit and mutual respect. For the last years I lived different experiences that brought me to develop my musical skills, and the possibility to heal through sound.

Nowadays I live as a nomad, I dedicate to develop my musical project, to growing in my knowledge through movement, Contact Improvisation and bodywork with Aham, to capture moments and share memories with my camera.



Morgasms involve a gentle practice in the mornings to wake up our physical, emotional, sensual and erotic bodies in tenderness. Every day I will guide you through a different experience with yourself, your breath, your skin; with the land, the water, with other beings and with your very own pleasure. I invite you to start your day with a luscious hour of breath, self-touch, movement and poetry.

Dana Mara

(she/her/they/them) guides classes of movement and yoga, holds workshops on self-pleasuring, consent, selflove and poetry.

As an artist she works as a translator between histories, movement and form. She is passionate about the reflection of the outcomes of imperialism, patriarchy and colonialism in the land, the flora and on the body.
The last years, she has found sexological bodyworker as a place to de-colonize thought, sex and body, especially for Black, Indigenous and Bodies of Culture.

Dana’s work and illustrations can be found under:

“Touch&Play offers a warm home and a supportive community to expand your edges, connect to your desires and share your truth.”